Remove Reviews from PissedConsumer

So you just got a negative review; what do you do now?

With an increasing amount of people looking to the Internet for products and services, they are bound to come across your company through search engines. It is one of the main ways new customers will find your brand online. Depending on the results around that, those potentially new customers might want to buy from competitors instead. PissedConsumer is among the many sites that can ruin your reputation and brand. The site was built for anyone to post grievances they have had with companies they have dealt with in hope of warning other consumers.

There are so many platforms for people to state their complaints nowadays such as social media platforms, sites designed specifically for negative reviews and the sites you are selling on. With all this, it is important to note that not all reviews are equal. What we mean is that anyone can write a review and the company cannot know for sure if the person who wrote it actually bought the product or service. It is quite obvious to know if it is from a customer who legitimately bought from you but is not completely satisfied. They would be very specific in their review explaining in detail why they were pleased or not pleased. However, PissedConsumer does not always check for that credibility in a review. Therefore, the review site has also become a place for consumers to exaggerate their experiences, tell false experiences, and contribute to a “cult”. When individuals get angry, they seek individuals that feel the same. PissedConsumer is that outlet for consumers that are overwhelmed with feelings. They take out those feelings on the Internet; on review platforms.

Usually the best recourse is to listen to these customers to improve your service in the future. It is also a good idea to respond to them to rectify the situation. Potential customers will see this as a positive because if ever they would be in a similar scenario, they know your company will be helpful. Then there are people who write negative reviews just because they want you to suffer for them. This is where the reviewers may not even have bought what you are selling. It can be a former disgruntled employee, a competitor or someone who just wants to write a negative because they don’t like your brand.

What to do in this case it to ask them for more information to come to an understanding to get them satisfied. If they are clearly being unreasonable, the public can see it is the reviewer who is in the wrong after all your efforts to get them to be happy. There are even a few things you can do to actively be in control of what is being said about you online. Content is key to building and maintaining an influencer position in your industry. Make sure to invest in good content writing to get a lot of good engagement and get people to see how you want them to. As a last resort, Removing Reviews can take down reviews individually on PissedConsumer. Sometimes, no matter how much companies and brands try to resolve the problem respectably and politically correctly, consumers will not accept it. In that case, do not let pissed consumers put your company under!

Removing Reviews permanent removal will leave your review pages spotless. If there are too many reviews, we also offer a complete removal of the page. The Internet is power that has been given to everyone but many do not know how to use it. Do not let that misuse impact your sales. Call Removing Reviews today for a free quote and consultation.