Remove Reviews from Google

By now, CEO’s and business professionals should know that removing information from Google is not a $99 job. An effective removal will take time, a dedicated and knowledgeable team, and money. However, sometimes professionals don’t have time. Removing information from Google or even suppressing it requires a team of experts that understands how Google’s search algorithms will react to activity related to the given search result or key word. Through a third party that holds your deposit, we remove your Google result or review permanently.

Trained by a pioneer of web search and search engines, the Removing Reviews team is prepared to:

  • Remove any sort of information about you and/or your company from Google
  • Remove your name from Google or rebrand your name
  • Give you the right to be forgotten

Additional services:

  • Remove or suppress press/news releases
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Teach you how to leave a healthy digital footprint

Handling Negative Reviews

Most business owners agree the words “negative reviews” has bad connotations. It means that not only was someone displeased with their products or services, they are stating so publicly. It’s true that negative reviews can have a negative impact on a business, but that depends on how the review is handled. And while it may seem to be in a business’ best interests to remove all negative reviews, doing so in an unethical manner can actually cause more harm. There are good ways to remove negative reviews, and businesses would do well to consider it a best practice to do so.

Handling negative reviews begins with understanding them. First, it’s important to recognize that most negative reviews are just honest communications of an individual’s experience with a business’ products or services. They don’t mean the business or its products or services are bad, and they can actually be used to help a business grow and improve. If a business handles a negative review very quickly and professionally, they may even dramatically improve their public image. And herein lies the true secret of ethically and honestly removing negative reviews.

When a consumer posts a negative review about a business, it is usually because some aspect of the business’ products or services failed to meet their expectations. This disappointment is usually further compounded when the individual comes to the conclusion that the business doesn’t care–as proven by their lack of interest in resolving the issue. However, if a business makes it a point to monitor their bad reviews, they can respond quickly and professionally, acknowledging and apologizing for the disappointment, and then making an offer to resolve the issue. A couple of different things can occur as a result–the consumer chooses to remove or modify their negative review, or what was once perceived as a negative review now looks positive to other consumers because of the stellar customer service displayed. Either way, the negative review is gone and the business benefits.

However, this is not always the case. There are ethical ways of removing negative reviews that have gained too much traction on Google. Unfortunately for brands with negative reviews, people trust online reviews. Nielsen conducted a study, which found that two thirds of people trust product reviews above all other sources. In addition, a whopping 84% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends.

Many people who are looking to buy a new product often look at the Amazon reviews before buying it. Even though they don’t plan on purchasing it from that site, there are many people who left comments for the product. But the company was recently criticized for having an abundant number of either fake reviews or reviews that were influenced by a free or promotional product.

Thus, Amazon has taken it upon themselves to take action against these reviews. At the beginning of the year, they have even brought legal action against over 1,000 sellers who have been known to get these fake reviews. Amazon is even making it harder for non-verified users to leave reviews and is re-writing the rules that govern incentivized reviews. People who did not make their purchases on the site can leave five of these reviews a month.

Now, it is up to you to call us today to govern your online reputation and take it back from Google!