Remove Reviews from Glassdoor

Among the many sites that can ruin your brand’s reputation, the predominant site is Glassdoor. The review site was founded in 2007 by a tech trio: Tim Besse, Robert Hohmann, and Rich Barton. Each had already left their digital footprint before founding Glassdoor. While Hohman was set on being the CEO of Glassdoor, Barton still had responsibilities as Expedia’s Chairman. After realizing that a recent employee review could have caused mayhem in the media at Expedia, the trio agreed that that form of public honesty is what could keep companies transparent. In June of 2008, Glassdoor was founded as a website where current and former employees can leave anonymous reviews and ratings about their current and former employers and companies. It’s quick spike in popularity and user dependance to make career decisions prompted the founders to add salary, management, culture, and benefits review options.

Although Glassdoor is an honest platform by the people for the people, the review site is also a stage for dishonesty. Because the reviews posted are anonymous, it is easy for pissed employees to ruin a company’s online reputation. Popular cases include an employee being fired, an employee having a bad experience, not getting a desired promotion. Often times, employees will exaggerate their experiences to gain leverage, take out their anger, and intentionally influence other consumer’s and employee’s decisions. For current employees, Glassdoor gives them the opportunity to trash their current place of work in hope of change. The repercussions of their reviews are not usually thought out. Depending on the amount of detail given, companies may be able to figure out who wrote the review. At the same time, the platform allows individuals to put the blame on someone else. Therefore, they never grow out of certain habits and expectations from their employers. Understandably, it is hard to recognize one’s own faults. For example, have you ever realized that your habits and attitude in the work place can influence whether you get a promotion or not? Before you know it, your colleague is your superior and that could have been you. Next, your company has an anonymous bad review but yours truly. Workplace habits that employers encourage employees to break include:

– Speaking Inaccurately or Inarticulately
– Confusing Work and Personal Life
– Having Inconsistent Hours
– Gossiping or Complaining
– Having Poor Work Ethic and Being Unorganized

By breaking these common workplace habits, employees and employers can better get along. As a result, employees will have less incentive to write poor company reviews. And if they still go to write poor reviews… companies can turn to Removing Reviews.

The Internet and sites like Glassdoor have given anyone and everyone freedom of speech whether what they say [write] is true or false. In the era of digital dependance, people are turning to the Internet for honesty and transparency. 80% of consumers will change their mind about a company, product, or service after they have read a negative review. Poor reviews on Glassdoor can lead to poor selection during a hiring process. Even scarier, companies can lose respect from consumers and therefore business for how they “treat” employees.

Whether what employees are saying about your company is true of not, Glassdoor reviews are an easy removal at Removing Reviews. Restore your online reputation by permanently removing Glassdoor reviews, one by one. Contact us for a free quote and additional online reputation management consulting.