Remove Review from Angie’s List

Among the many sites that can take over your online reputation with bad reviews, Angie’s List is a major one. The review is a home service website that was one of the first founded review sites. Founded in 1995, the site is built to allow individuals to write and post reviews about local contractors and businesses. These reviews however are optimize and crowd-sourced. In other words, they are powerful enough to become the first result of any Google search engine result page. The website used to be less harmful as you had to have a paid membership to contribute to the reviews. However in July 2016, Angie’s List began offering a free membership so all individuals could participate in the review sharing digital service.

How it Works

The members at Angie’s List grade companies and contractors they have used in a similar style to a report card. It ranges from A to F, A being a great product or service to F, being very poor. Most Americans know F as a complete and utter failure. As most social profiles work, each company or contractor has their own page which is composed of pictures, a biography or description of the product or service, contact information, and most importantly, reviews. The top section of the page predominantly highlights the summarized grade Angie’s List users have given them.

Unlike other review sites, companies and contractors can rectify their negative reviews using a third party at Angie’s List. It is an option that an Angie’s List employee discusses the negative review with the reviewer in hopes of resolving the issue with the company. Angie’s List also goes through this process to make sure reviewers are being truthful. The company tries to avoid facilitating a platform for digital extortion. To elaborate, the company does everything they can to protect their users. However, a review that is not truthful, credible, or accountable can result in a lawsuit. In that case, no company would want to be the “middle man”. For that reason, negative reviews are granted an in-depth investigations. Given that the reviewer was truthful, the review gets posted.

Therefore, companies get the chance to redeem themselves with Angie’s List. Often times during the review auditing process, the company will rectify the dispute and the reviewer will withdraw their review, whether the review was truthful or not. However, this is not always the case.

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